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From New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a thrilling tale of abduction, seduction, and surrender that sweeps from the shimmering halls of Regency England to the decadent haunts of a notorious rogue.
Marianna Sanders realizes she cannot trust this dark and savagely seductive stranger who has come to spirit her away across the sea. She possesses a secret that can topple an empire, a secret that Jordan Draken, the duke of Cambaron, is determined to wrest from her. In the eyes of the world the arrogant duke is her guardian, but they both know she is to be a prisoner in his sinister plot—and a slave to his exquisite pleasure.
For years, brilliant, deadly Jordan Draken has schemed to destroy the emperor who threatens everything he values most in the world. Now that he holds this defiant woman who is the key to his final triumph, he feels a fierce sense of satisfaction . . . and the first stirring of desire. She was only supposed to be a pawn in his plans, but once alone with his captive, Jordan realizes she is a prize he could never surrender.

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Title:The Beloved Scoundrel
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    The Beloved Scoundrel Reviews

  • Zeek

    First, I have to tell you, Iris Johansen is another author whom, in the past, I ate up everything written by her. Loved her intense heroes and the loved the way she expressed his need of the heroine. ...

  • Fairlita

    Period: Georgian - Regency, EnglandThe hero is referred as the Duke of Diamonds by the ton. Not only because he has the real bling bling mine, but also because he's notorious for his out-of-the-box wa...

  • N. Heinz

    One of my all time favorites by Iris Johansen. Great if you're in the mood for a dark historical romance....

  • Lauren

    I give this one props for being so different then the usual historical romance. ...

  • Regan Walker

    19th Century Balkan Romance - A Great One!I first discovered Iris Johansen when I read The Magnificent Rogue--a truly excellent historical romance. I then read Midnight Warrior that didn't reach that ...

  • JennyG

    Nice story with a likeable hero and heroine. I must say I have trouble engaging emotionally in Iris Johansen's books, which means I forget what I read a day or two later. I feel distant while reading ...

  • Widala

    I've had this ebook for quite sometime, and I kept delaying to read it because some of negative reviews I've seen. But I got curious after reading the positive reviews especially those who gave this b...

  • Carrie Olguin

    Decent plot driven story.The heroine is a shrew. The only emotions I remember her displaying were jealousy, anger and lust. She makes stained glass windows and is devoted to her work. There's this thi...

  • Courtnie

    Indicitive of 90's romances. Strong Alpha and disagreeable heroine who has no choice but to succomb.I was really looking for something with the flare of Julie Garwood's historicals, and this wasn't it...

  • Naughty Edition Reviews

    This is the books that started me on Romance in general. I loved it and still have several copies. Never once could I get a bookplate or an autograph but I endeavor to keep trying. I just wanted to sa...