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With the Mississippi beckoning, Colonel Samuel Shelby is eager for his mission: making peace with the fierce Osage Indians. He is certain the task will prove easier than making peace with his faithless wife. The dangerous wilderness seems a welcome refuge...until he meets beautiful, headstrong Olivia St. Etienne.

When the fire-haired Olivia discovers that her guardian plans to sell her as a mistress to the darkly handsome colonel whom she dreamed would marry her, the heartsick girl flees, only to be cast unwillingly into his arms.

Together, Olivia and Samuel must survive the savage wilderness, engaged in a battle of wills which both vow to win, but which both are fated to lose. From ballrooms along the Potomac to Osage lodges on the Missouri, from rowdy St. Louis down the mighty Mississippi to elegant New Orleans, the lovers discover a passion as wild, as turbulent, and as deep as the rivers.

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Title:Deep as the Rivers
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    Deep as the Rivers Reviews

  • suzy

    Read this one years ago, but his time around I found myself getting very bored and couldn’t wait for it to end. Unnecessary drama, wanted to hit Samuel and Olivia around the head and say “sort it ...

  • Mary23nm

    When I read this, I did not know it was the third in a series. I don't feel that it made much of a difference though. I thought the book had very good potential, but too many bad things kept happening...

  • Regan Walker

    The Western Frontier During the War of 1812A well-researched sage, this is book 3 in the Santa Fe trilogy and tells the story of Elise Louvois’ brother Colonel Samuel Shelby, introduced in book 2. S...

  • Sara Scates

    Deep as the RiversI've just finished this last book and I feel it is the best one in the trilogy. It grabbed my attention from the first chapter & I never wanted to put it down. I didn't think the aut...

  • Margo

    A good read but long. Everything that could possibly happen to these two lovers, does, including a natural disaster....