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, quirky, fae, Fantasy

I'm Liv Cartwright, mage, thief, and unapologetic nerd.

Magically talented people like me have two choices: use our powers at the beck and call of the Order of the Elements or be exiled to the realm of monsters. Sounds like an easy choice, right? Not so much. Since my mentor dabbled in forbidden spirit magic and left me to take the fall, I have to pay off his debts without using my magic.

I'd rather spend my free time gaming than retrieving valuable objects for the Order, but my latest retrieval job goes from mundane to deadly when I end up on the wrong side of the terrifying King of the Dead. Turns out he doesn’t like thieves, and he likes the Order even less. To make things worse, I run into my ex-boyfriend, a fire mage who's carrying as many secrets as I am, and find my simple thieving job has landed me in the middle of a conspiracy. A second elemental war is brewing, and the key to stopping it lies in my long-buried memories of my mentor's lessons.

The catch? If the Order finds out, they'll show me no mercy this time -- and everyone knows there's a good reason spirit magic was banned.

People who use it tend to end up dead.

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Title:Thief of Souls
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  • Noxwitchbooklife

    A whole new world from Emma L. Adams! It's been a while since we had a book in a new universe from Emma and it does not disappoint.A spooky magical separate bubble dimension to earth where all the mag...

  • Kreela

    I received my copy as an advanced review copy, but that does not mean Emma Adams influenced my review below:Do you like D&D? I used to game with my husband, and I was good at it until my memory could ...

  • Lene Blackthorn

    With a gap in her memories, Liv is already a magnet for unwanted trouble. Yet even she could not expect the magnitude of problems she stumbled in after a routine work for the Order. The amulet she now...

  • Kathy Mayer

    Nonstop action/conspiracy!This new world is very different than her Fae series. I really like Liv, I feel really sorry for her. She really got treated terribly! I can't imagine working for people who ...

  • Mike Lewis

    Extraordinarily entertaining urban fantasy series.Entertaining urban fantasy action adventure series. A quirky cast of characters in a time we are magic is on earth but hidden from the public. Superna...

  • Cheri Lyn Carmean

    Frustrating at timesSpoiler alert! In the end, I liked this book. However certain parts were very frustrating. Liv said over and over and over that she wanted to give the amulet to the Death King. She...

  • Sasha

    Not so goodThis book could have been so much better. SpoilerI don’t get the relationship between the protagonist and the guy who walked out on her like a thief in the night. His reason for coming ba...

  • Beth

    I liked it. There was a lot of jumping from realm to realm but Liv had loyal friends in both places. Someone at the order has it in for her and is setting her up to be framed or murdered for magical t...

  • Beth

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*Another interesting book and a new world from Emma L. Adams. Liv presents a lot of secrets and an unknown past. She is missing a f...

  • Rachel H

    Not worth your timeIf you don’t agree with SJW ideology, then you probably won’t like this book. Mary Sue character that makes insanely stupid decisions all while using people’s preferred pronou...