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Earth's champions must fight for humanity.
Until now, our heroes have all been defeated...

... this is our final chance.

Every thirty years, we send a mission across the Sol System to the mysterious Orb. The finest soldiers in the world were tested and the best selected.

Each one has fallen.

Who can stand against the monstrous violence of the gigantic alien warriors?

A new kind of human must be created.

Bigger, stronger, faster, than any ordinary human could be.

Not born but designed, grown and trained by Earth's scientists, engineers, and military experts for a single purpose...


A hero will be chosen.

A single fight in the alien arena will decide Earth's fate.

Who will win in the galactic arena?

If you enjoyed Starship Troopers, Ender's Game, and Old Man's War, you'll love the Galactic Arena Series Box Set, so get it now!

This bundle includes the first three Galactic Arena novels: Orb Station Zero, Earth Colony Sentinel, and Outpost Omega PLUS the two prequel novels: Inhuman Contact and Onca’s Duty

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    Galactic Arena Box Set Reviews

  • Corey

    Most excellentThe first three books were fun and will keep you on your toes. I loved the characters and their banter. The real gold in my opinion is inhuman contact. I was bummed when I realized that ...

  • Clay Sherrow

    Enjoyed the storyFun reading. Always a good scifi tale. Easy reading, with enough excitement to keep you going till the end. I am sorry the story is over....

  • Cathie Byrd

    A good read A very interesting premise and an enjoyable read. I always enjoy a book that can grab my attention and make me want to turn the next page. These books fulfilled those pleasures. ...

  • Andrew Jones

    Actually I was expecting a teenager novella but this was much better , well plotted and written, with non-obvious sub-plot resolutions and we'll thought out scenarios.very good! tEach story is separat...

  • Jerry Mercer

    Good SeriesPushing the limits of SF, the plot is well-defined and the characters have realistic attributes. There are so many unanswered questions regarding the masters of the orb that Davis should co...

  • Lisa

    Enjoyable Enjoyed it though at times it was a bit long winded. It was nice to see how Orca and Dr Fo started out but the whole story line might have benefited from a tighter writing which integrated t...

  • iainascot

    OkOther than a couple of typos, this is an excellent read,but the prequels are not up to the standard of the original goodEnjoy...

  • Keith Robinson

    Excellent seriesGreat sci-fi series. Great characters with lots of heart. Seems like an extraordinary amount of research went into the series which shows in the story. Awesome!...