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In New York Times bestselling author Nevada Barr's gripping standalone, a grandmother in her sixties emerges from a mental fog to find she's trapped in her worst nightmare

Rose Dennis wakes up in a hospital gown, her brain in a fog, only to discover that she's been committed to an Alzheimer's Unit in a nursing home. With no memory of how she ended up in this position, Rose is sure that something is very wrong. When she overhears one of the administrators saying about her that she's "not making it through the week," Rose is convinced that if she's to survive, she has to get out of the nursing home. She avoids taking her medication, putting on a show for the aides, then stages her escape.

The only problem is—how does she convince anyone that she's not actually demented? Her relatives were the ones to commit her, all the legal papers were drawn up, the authorities are on the side of the nursing home, and even she isn't sure she sounds completely sane. But any lingering doubt Rose herself might have had is erased when a would-be killer shows up in her house in the middle of the night. Now Rose knows that someone is determined to get rid of her.

With the help of her computer hacker/recluse sister Marion, thirteen-year old granddaughter Mel, and Mel's friend Royal, Rose begins to gather her strength and fight back—to find out who is after her and take back control of her own life. But someone out there is still determined to kill Rose, and they're holding all the cards.


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Title:What Rose Forgot

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  • Peter

    InheritanceWhat Rose Forgot is an entertaining novel packed with action and suspense, and with splashes of humour it makes this a wonderful read. What struck me was just how quickly this novel had hol...

  • Thomas

    4 stars for an entertaining mystery. This is a stand alone mystery and not part of the Anna Pigeon series by Nevada Barr. Rose wakes up in a state of confusion. She is in a hospital gown and near a ro...

  • Liz

    I read each and every one of Barr’s Anna Pigeon books and have missed the series. So, I was thrilled to see she’d written a stand alone. As the story begins, 68 year old Rose has escaped from a me...

  • Paige

    The plot synopsis provided for this novel is extremely accurate, so I will just be reviewing my likes, dislikes, and other thoughts.I enjoyed the character of Rose: a yoga doing, meditating, mantra ch...

  • PamG

    What Rose Forgot by Nevada Barr is a well-written standalone mystery that I was excited to read since I thoroughly enjoy her Anna Pigeon series. This story is set in Charlotte, North Carolina and the ...

  • Diane S ?

    3.5 i wasn't sure while reading this stand alone by Barr, whether I needed to suspend belief or to wish that in my mid sixties I would be as fit and while as Rose. I decided to just go with the flow, ...

  • Toni

    What Rose Forgot is an extremely entertaining action-packed mystery. I fell in love with Rose's dry self-deprecating sense of humour from the very first scene. Rose wakes up in a wood and has no idea ...

  • Sandra ~ ? Cross My Heart ?

    What a hoot! What Rose Forgot is an outrageous, rip-roaring good time! I expected a dark, scary thriller and while there're certainly some spooky scenes, there are many more that are over-the-top, lau...

  • Gail C.

    A well plotted mystery told from intended victim Rose’s point of view. The reader is immediately plunged into Rose’s world as she comes out of a meditative trance to find herself not in her medita...

  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books

    Heart-pounding and unique! The pace of this book moved quickly. I imagine this would be a great vacation thriller because you will want to be able to read it through without stopping!Rose wakes up in ...