Great Goddesses: Life lessons from myths and monsters

Great Goddesses: Life lessons from myths and monsters Book Summary

Empowering life lessons from myths and monsters.

Wonder at Medusa's potent venom, Circe's fierce sorcery and Athena rising up over Olympus, as Nikita Gill majestically explores the untold stories of the life bringers, warriors, creators, survivors and destroyers that shook the world - the great Greek Goddesses.

Vividly re-imagined and beautifully illustrated, step into an ancient world transformed by modern feminist magic.

'I watch Girl become Goddess
and the metamorphosis is more
magnificent than anything
I have ever known.'


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Title:Great Goddesses: Life lessons from myths and monsters

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    3.5 starsI think the average reader's experience with Great Goddesses is going to depend heavily upon what you're looking for. I tried to review this fairly with a middle-of-the-road rating because, a...

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    there will never be a time I don’t give feminist mythological-reimaginings 5 stars. they are so incredibly important to the way we think of these stories and the impact they have. gill’s interpret...

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    I have just finished Fierce Fairytales and I can’t wait for this book to be published 💛...

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    Greek mythology has always fascinated me, so reading this feminist reimagining of the classics was magical and lyrical and alluring. Themes of girlhood, sisterhood, womanhood, wifehood, motherhood, an...

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    Meh. I don't see who'd really understand/enjoy this book except for people with a deep interest in obscure (and some not so obscure) Greek mythology. It wasn't really relatable. At all. Nothing like h...

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    It's 3 AM and I stayed up to finish this book. Now I have a lot of thoughts running through my head including the one that's leaving me torn between whether I should laugh or cry, one that wants me to...

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    I feel like your enjoyment of this collection will depend on how much you love hearing about every God and Goddess there is. For me, there are few that I was interested in reading about-namely Hades a...

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    Everyone say hello to my favourite book of 2019 :)The poetry market has been a tough nut to crack since Rupi Kaur arrived on the scene in 2014. There’s always been this need in the book community to...

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    http://jessjustreads.comGreat Goddesses is a collection of poems inspired by greek goddesses and deities — their hardships, their strengths, their determination and the lessons they faced that women...