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A mother’s worst nightmare, a chance at redemption, and a deadly secret that haunts a family across the generations.

There’s only room for one mother in this family.

Claire Abrams’s dreams became a nightmare when she passed on a genetic mutation that killed her little boy. Now she wants a second chance to be a mother, and finds it in Robert Nash, a maverick fertility doctor who works under the radar with Jillian Hendricks, a cunning young scientist bent on making her mark—and seducing her boss.

Claire, Robert, and Jillian work together to create the world’s first baby with three genetic parents—an unprecedented feat that could eliminate inherited disease. But when word of their illegal experiment leaks to the wrong person, Robert escapes into hiding with the now-pregnant Claire, leaving Jillian to serve out a prison sentence that destroys her future.

Ten years later, a spunky girl named Abigail begins to understand that all is not right with the reclusive man and woman she knows as her parents. But the family’s problems are only beginning. Jillian, hardened by a decade of jealousy and loss, has returned—and nothing will stop her from reuniting with the man and daughter who should have been hers. Past, present—and future converge in a mesmerizing psychological thriller from acclaimed bestselling author Kira Peikoff.

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Title:Mother Knows Best
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    Mother Knows Best Reviews

  • Meredith

    Frankenbabies and Crazies! Mother Knows Best is a psychological thriller about a controversial scientific experiment that involves genetically modifying an embryo to eliminate genetic mutations by ...

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    What an exciting, original psychological thriller! You all know I love a good science fiction, and this book truly felt as such, since the science aspect is so well developed and explored. While the e...

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    Okay 3.5 I’m really lost somebody help me, did I just read some book about a child may have 3 different genetic parents, a mother is also chased by her deceased son’s ghost in everywhere, well let...

  • Kaceey

    What lengths would you go to have a perfectly healthy child? Would you step over the line, outside the law? Give up everything?All Claire wants is a healthy baby. Having tragically lost one child to a...

  • Susanne  Strong

    3 Stars.A Three Parent Baby? Does that sound just plain Crazy or is it the Future?In “Mother Knows Best” I think you’ll find that perhaps it’s both! When Claire’s first son passes away from ...

  • Nazanin

    4 Stars"Mother Knows Best" is a story about a mother who did everything to have healthy children and did her best to protect them, no matter how they were created! I went in blind and I suggest you do...

  • Katie B

    I'll go ahead and bump this one up to 3.5 stars but it was a tough decision because I do have mixed feelings about this book. It was a quick read that did hold my interest but it got too outlandish fo...

  • Carolyn

    There's nothing I love more than a good medical drama mixed with a psychological thriller and I enjoyed this one very much! Claire and Ethan Abrams lost their first child Colton at eight years old fro...

  • Erin Clemence

    Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review. Claire Abram’s dream turned into a nightmare when her beloved so...

  •  Li'l Owl

    FIVE Thought Provoking and Suspenseful Stars! The entire fifth-grade class participated in a genetic experiment through the company MapMyDNA. Each person spit into a tube and received a report of thei...