The Haunted Wizard

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The author of "My Son, the Wizard" delivers another adventure of a modern man transported to a magical, medieval world. Royal wizard Matt Mantrell must overcome a powerful sorcerer, a sinister cult, and a crafty spirit to smoke out the murderer of a ...

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Title:The Haunted Wizard
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    The Haunted Wizard Reviews

  • Kurtbg

    One of Stasheff’s better written and entertaining read where the antagonist, Matt, plays detective to a murder and surrounds himself with a weird and engaging cast of characters as he pursues justic...

  • Susan Ferguson

    Somehow, I hadn't read this one. But it was a good read and fun.Merovence is hosting the kvery unpleasant royals from Bretanglia, who are trying to start a fight and a war. Or rather, looking for an e...

  • Matthew Reads Junk

    Couldn't even finish it. Really flat, two-dimension characters. Little drama, magic system that makes no sense and feels like an ass-pull with every use....

  • Aetharon

    I would have liked to have given this addition to the series a higher rating, but Mr Stasheff made several errors that weren't caught. They were relatively minor, but each one served to annoy me and r...

  • Joene

    Another tale of the Wizard who Rhymes, this series continues to impress me with its wit, characters, and warmth. GREAT STORY!!!!...