The House of Susan Lulham

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A new husband and a new house.

Just as well, because Zoe doesn't like old.

Back in the 1960s, this house was built to look ultra-modern, with lots of glass and sharp angles. And it was going cheap, perhaps because of the self-inflicted death of a previous owner - notoriously bloody and prolonged.

But Zoe didn't know that. And if her husband Jonathan knew, he kept very quiet.

How is Merrily Watkins, diocesan exorcist for Hereford, to know what’s behind Zoe’s claim that the late Susan Lulham is still in residence?

Sceptical neighbours seem unlikely to help, and fresh blood will decorate the pristine white walls of the New House before its secret history begins, at last, to leak out.

A stunning addition to Phil Rickman’s bestselling 12-volume Merrily Watkins series – currently being filmed by ITV Drama for broadcast in 2015. This short novel, exploring the problems of exorcism in a secular age, is volume twelve and a half in the series.

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Title:The House of Susan Lulham
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    The House of Susan Lulham Reviews

  • Christine

    Merrily Watkins find herself at the center of Facebook. Okay, she goes to help a woman who misrepresents what happens. The story is actually quite gripping. You do not need to have read other Watkins ...

  • Jamie Collins

    3.5 stars. A novella from the Merrily Watkins series, which I thoroughly enjoy. This is short on plot but has the same spooky, paranoid atmosphere of the longer novels.Merrily visits a woman who claim...

  • Jo Hurst

    This novella was pretty creepy and sees Merrily really having to work the deliverance angle. I read it whilst babysitting and scared myself silly when the man next door started doing late night DIY. T...

  • Manuel Anto

    Gomer Parry Absent Again: "The House of Susan Lulham" by Phil Rickman Published December 15th 2014.  A long time ago, I slowly read through the Merrily Watkins's series.  I started reading because ...

  • Cathleen

    I've read a number of the Merrily Watkins series by Phil Rickman, and I really have liked them. This one, though, wasn't nearly as enjoyable reading as the others. Maybe it was the brevity: not enough...

  • Elle

    Because I could only access this as an audiobook, my listening/reading was a bit erratic. I was annoyed at first, but it was an exceptional recording, and kind of a privilege to get to hear something ...

  • Jane  Mitchell

    Loved it, just as I have all the Merrily Watkins booksCompelling as always and ending with unanswered mysteries. As all good fiction should. Leaves readers wanting more. What could be better?...

  • Carole Tyrrell

    This was originally a short story written for an Oxfam anthology, OxCrimes. But Phil Rickman, the author, decided to look it over again and expand it into this novella. It’s also a good introduction...

  • Russell J. Sanders

    The British often have compilation TV specials where the cast and creators of popular series will do a short sketch using their characters, settings, and ongoing plots—sort of Downton Abbey light. P...

  • Caroline

    This is the most overtly supernatural of the Merrily Watkins canon that I can think of. A house on a hill with a violent history brings trouble to a couple who perhaps should never have been there. So...