Under His Protection

Under His Protection Review

Misunderstood Hero
Faelan is a passionate Master with a hidden past that holds him hostage.

Having his heart recently broken, he accepts the challenge of keeping Brie safe and vows to protect her by

But when a curvy little sub catches his eye at the Haven, he is forced to choose loyalty over love.

His allegiance lies with his friends at The Center, and the time has come to prepare their rescue of Rytsar Durov—one of their own.

Title:Under His Protection
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Cassandra Caress

    4 stars for the latest installment in the Brie seriesUnder His Protection tells the story about Faelan, the wolf pup. As much as I acknowledge that his story had to be told at this point in the Brie s...

  • Mirrorlight

    Still love the series but this book wasn’t my favorite. I think it’s because I’ve never connected with Faelen or Mary. Mary being my least favorite character of the whole series ...

  • Badass Lioness

    Todd Wallace AKA Faelan got his turn! What drove Faelan to be the big bad Wolf to Brie? Why did he connect with and put up with Mary and her mess? It is all revealed here. I liked Todd from the moment...

  • Lynda

    I have read every word that Red Phoenix has written and am heartbroken to give this book less than 5 stars. I almost gave it 3 stars because it was excruciating getting through Faelan and Mary in the ...

  • Wendy LeGrand

    Todd Wallace has intrigued me from the first time he ran up to the house that Brie was in on the beach, trying to rescue her because he thought she was being held against her will. His training to bec...

  • Amy Miller

    Under His Protection is Faelan's Story. We meet Faelan early on when he meets Brie and decides to become a Dom at the Training Facility. He past has haunted him his whole life. In this book it we fina...

  • Kayla

    Under His Protection was another great installment in Brie's Submission. Faelan has always been a character that intrigued me. Red Pheniox stepped up the angst when bringing you Todd's story. It broug...

  • Patti

    Goosebumps mixed with tears and laughter...I still need to fully digest my feelings for Faelan. He hasn't been a favorable character of mine but I am understanding the many sides of his character now....

  • KnottyGirl Reviews

    It’s so hard to believe that we are up to book 14! It’s been quite an amazing journey with Brie and Sir Thane Davis. Not to mention all of the other wonderful people we’ve met along the way, mos...

  • Lg

    Red Phoenix continues to wow us with are favorite Doms and subs from the Submissive Training Academy.The unique family they have come to be, continue to rise to the occasion to protect Brie while Sir ...