Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat

Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat Review

When SUGAR BUSTERS! hit the shelves almost five years ago, it quickly became a diet and lifestyle phenomenon, soaring to the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list and embraced by millions of people across the country. Those satisfied individuals on the SUGAR BUSTERS! plan discovered that by simply choosing the correct carbohydrates and lowering their sugar intake, they could shed the pounds they failed to lose with other diets. Now the weight-loss program that swept the nation has been completely revised and updated–incorporating all the newest nutritional findings, health statistics, and scientific studies, including the latest on glycemic levels.

Based on sound dietary principles, SUGAR BUSTERS! remains a highly effective program that shows you how to reduce the sugar in your life (without feeling deprived) through easy-to-follow recipes and meal plans. In this new edition, you will discover

• A discussion on prevention, still the best medicine
• Amazing testimonials from men and women who are still losing weight and feeling fit the SUGAR BUSTERS! way
• Frequently asked questions–direct from the SUGAR BUSTERS! Web site– along with helpful answers
• A special section on childhood obesity–how to measure it and what to do about it
• Hard facts on soft drinks
• The latest on diabetes–and how SUGAR BUSTERS! can help prevent it
• A Body Mass Index (BMI) chart and Calculation Formula to determine if you are obese or merely overweight
• An expanded discussion of our ancestor’s diet, which was whole-grain, high-fiber, and low-glycemic–just like SUGAR BUSTERS!
• Essential facts on women, weight loss, and nutrition
• New tips, updated charts, new recipes, and practical exercise suggestions
• Handy information on how SUGAR BUSTERS! compares with other diet plans, from Atkins to Ornish

So arm yourself with the facts and get the figure you’ve always wanted. When it comes to optimal wellness on the SUGAR BUSTERS! program, it’s survival of the fittest–a way of life in which everybody wins!

Title:Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat
Edition Language:English

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    Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat Reviews

  • Bookfanatic

    An older book, I think this came out in 1995, about the connection between America's obesity crisis and the addition of refined sugar in our food. Written by three medical doctors, the book is sinple ...

  • Linda

    I read this book ten years ago and have remembered it's easy advice for cutting sugar to trim fat. My husband lost 80 lbs and I lost 20. We've kept it off by maintaining the sugar buster way of eating...

  • Autumn

    Very dated and clear as mud. I think the basic ideas in this book are valid and understandable, but it's not written in a way that makes for fun leisure reading- it's more of an academic type of text....

  • Katherine

    I thought the rationale behind this book made a lot of sense. I however did not follow through with the plan. This is a book I plan to re-read and maybe incorporate some of the principals within my di...

  • Andd Becker

    Written by a CEO, a cardiovascular surgeon, an endocrinologist, and a gastroenterologist, the book has credible authorial expertise. Most useful are the lists of acceptable foods and foods to avoid.Co...

  • Jade

    This is the book that compelled me to commit to cutting out added sugar from my diet. It's terrifying how much sugar the average American consumes, unknowingly, per year. In 2000, it was 158 pounds. T...

  • Booketeer

    Celebrated finishing this book today by a serving of French toast with genuine maple syrup. But I do plan to (and already do) use it's better ideas. I suspect the authors are still too anti-fat in die...

  • Susannah

    The author makes what seems like a solid argument about eliminating sugar to lose body fat, but then goes on to recommending artificial sweeteners, meat and dairy because he thinks that Fuhrman and Or...

  • Paige Gordon

    I found this book to be super helpful and informative. The authors did a great job clearly explaining the science behind low GI scale eating and offering advice and inspiration to make sustainable cha...

  • Tracy Morton

    Pretty boring and kind of preachy. I didn't really find that there was a great deal of useful information. Not the best anti sugar book out there....