All Roads Lead Home

All Roads Lead Home Review

Rock, Rig and Dick are back! That's right, the Jarheads make another appearance in the Sapphire birthstone. When Rock and Dick think something horrible has happened to their favorite redneck, they mount up and show how good Marines are in emergency situations. Rig might be less than impressed, but he's happier with what his Marines come up with next. No matter what they get up to, though, all three of them agree that the best part of any journey is coming home. Together.

Title:All Roads Lead Home
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Sophia

    In chronological order this is short story is 5.2 in the series. It started out with a moment of near tragedy for the guys that reminded them that life is uncertain and then it moved to a nice vacatio...

  • CB

    I adore Sean Michael and the Jarheads. these stories are filled, just filled, with sex, sex and then more sex. Sean Michael knows how to keep it interesting though and writes about some unique and won...

  • Indigo

    4.5 stars...

  • Jess

    They vacationed in the Carribean - it was HAWT!!! another great little snippet!...

  • Emily Moore

    3.5 stars...