Mean Machine

Mean Machine Review

I swore off women years ago. I’m better off alone. Until the gorgeous single mom walks into my bar and changes everything.
Everyone thought I was next in line to lead The Untouchables MC. That is, until a tragic accident takes my heart out of the game. I decided life was simpler on my own.
Well, other than the strays I take in.
I have a scruffy dog and two cats. I even had a teenage runaway under my roof before she up and married an FBI agent. But that’s another story.
Now I’m all alone, running the biker bar I own and love.
Hell, if the Mason Jar was a person, I’d marry it.
When the gorgeous girl walks into my bar looking for a job, I’m inclined to say no. Not because I don’t want her around.
Because I do.
She’s been hurt but she’s still kind. She’s a good mom even though they’ve been through hard times. And she’s so beautiful she takes my breath away. She’s not put off by my gruff exterior either. She doesn’t judge me or the leather I wear.
And her kid has me wrapped around her little finger.
But is that enough to get her into my bed?
After years alone, I’m ready to dust myself off and try again. But it’s more than just sex. She makes me believe in miracles.
Now I’m just praying for the biggest miracle of all.

Mean Machine is the first novel in the new spinoff series The Untouchables! Read closely--some of your favorite characters from Cuffed and other books might make cameos!

Title:Mean Machine

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Denna?

    Omg! This might go down as my favorite books of the year. I absolutely loved it and the hero ( mason ). I loved the way he loved the h. He was so sweet. I also loved the love he had for her kid. This ...

  • Deborah

    This author is hit and miss for me in fact it’s more miss than hit and so I’d more or less decided not to read anymore of her books. But this one caught my eye and I thought I’d try one more tim...

  • Cyndi

    Short, safe and mostly sweet!...

  • Fatimama

    It was kinda boring and Mason didn't really come off as Alpha. Maybe I like my biker alpha to be ott j/p. It was just sooo sweet all around that I dozed off. Michelle was definitely a dame in distress...

  • M M

    Great read. I love how they loved each other. Took awhile for them to actually get together, but it was definitely worth it. ...

  • Elaine

    I want Cain's book for fuck"s sake...

  • Alex ?

    3.5 starsSweet, even cheesy... but I needed such read!...

  • April Symes

    Awww, finally Mason get his HEA. I loved Mason from Cuffed. This is his story in Mean Machine.Mason, the hero was a secondary character in Cuffed. Now he is the main character and this is a standalone...

  • Emily

    Mason doesn't have any interest in a woman, he doesn't dabble with them and he certainly never gives them a sense that he is interested. After another waitress quits after he shows no interest in anyt...

  • Christina Youngren

    How do you put in to words how much you love Mason in this story? Not only that but you fall in love with Michelle and Paton as well and then you add in characters like Cass, Conner, Cain, Shane and S...