The Hail You Say

The Hail You Say Review

Get out!

He yelled those words at the love of his life twelve years ago, and to this day, Reed Hail regrets them. He’s always been the type of person to speak before he thinks, and apologies have never come easy.

It’s been over a decade since she was his, and he stubbornly thinks that he can keep on living without her.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

The last thing he needs is her vagina anywhere near his exam table. But nobody ever asks him what he wants.

Maybe he should’ve gone into the auto-recovery business after all.

I hate you.

Krisney Shaw would take those words back in a heartbeat if she could. In fact, she would take back everything.

Never meeting him would be the perfect place to start. The memory of Reed Hail haunts her—morning, noon, and night. Then, to add insult to injury, she has to see him being happy while she’s breaking a little more inside every single day.

Reed Hail is her worst nightmare because she’s constantly reminded of exactly what she’s missing—the other half of her soul.

Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, she sees his sexy, bearded face over the top of her paper gown, and she’s lost all over again.

Don’t ever let me go.

Both Reed and Krisney are determined to avoid each other. They do a great job of it, too…not.

One ill-timed gynecological exam changes everything. One single second in time shows Reed what he’s missing—literally and figuratively—and suddenly he’s back at square one.

The only problem with being back at square one? He won’t be able to leave her a second time.

Especially since the first time around he didn’t have a child with her to consider.

Title:The Hail You Say
Edition Language:English

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    Extended review and spoilersZero is a dick, heroine should have moved on. 12 years separation coz Zero dumped the h. Heroine joins the army, goes to Germany to move far away from their town and Zero g...

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    The scene in which they had sex at the gynecological clinic made me very uncomfortable. In a time when the professional ethics are debated so much, the attitude of the hero left me with a bitter taste...

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    The Hail You Say is a second chance romance that pulls you in from page one and does not let you go. Krisney and Reed more than deserve a second chance since they were ripped apart due to circumstance...

  • bella ??

    2.5 / 5 I'm not really sure how I feel, the beginning was a lot better than the end in my opinion and I was often very lost at what was going on. Granted, this is the first book in the series I picked...

  • Bindi Boo

    3.75 starsSweet, angsty and oh,so smutty!!...

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)

    "I needed to protect me at this point, not Reed." I must confess that it's Dante's story that has me the most intrigued, I can't wait for it to be his turn. Truthfully, I didn't know much about Reed,...

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    I don`t have words to describe the book. So I am going to express myself with gifs:Me while reading the book : What I want to happen to the hero : and the h:Ok, I lied . I have words , but be alerted ...

  • Libby Harrison

    Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Krisney): 30yrs oldHero (Reed): 32yrs oldPlot: 4/5Grovel: not muchCheating: none – both were celibateHEA: yes with babiesTriggers: child sexual abuse of the ...

  • Fleurs et Reves

    WTF!!!! How can someone publish books that are this bad?...