Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Gnostic Method of Real Spiritual Awakening

Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Gnostic Method of Real Spiritual Awakening Review

This book begins by asking the questions, "Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What are we living for? Why are we living?" The answers to these questions can be discovered if one knows where and how to look.

No matter who we are, we feel fulfillment, happiness, and purpose inside of ourselves. These qualities are not felt outside of ourselves, and cannot be found in external things or circumstances. Similarly, knowledge of ourselves and our purpose cannot be found in external things, but are found inside. By knowing what is in our hearts and minds, by seeing what we usually ignore, we learn not only what we are capable of, but also what prevents us from developing our full potential.

By knowing ourselves, we acquire the knowledge of how to change for the better. As we improve ourselves and awaken to our true nature, we spontaneously begin to radiate the light of divinity in everything we do, increasing our own happiness, and spreading it to others. This is how we begin to live the Gnostic message, which states that the light of the Divine is within us. By knowing ourselves, we also learn about that light, and can bring it into the world to benefit everyone.

"All things, all circumstances that occur outside ourselves on the stage of this world, are exclusively the reflection of what we carry within. With good reason then, we can solemnly declare that the 'exterior is the reflection of the interior.' When someone changes internally-and if that change is radical-then circumstances, life, and the external also change." - Samael Aun Weor

This book reflects and illuminates the spiritual psychology of all genuine religions and mystical traditions. With the practical guidance in this book, anyone can awaken to see the light for the Divine for themselves.

Title:Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Gnostic Method of Real Spiritual Awakening
Edition Language:English

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    This is a Gnose's book that introduce the reader to this spiritual thinking. It's an amazing book for those who like this kind of reading. What if are we not ONE, but a multiples personas inside of a ...

  • Andre Piucci

    "Qualquer intento de libertação, por grandioso que este seja, se não tiver em conta a necessidade de dissolver o ego, está condenado ao fracasso."...

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    Essential truths to free the consciousness....