Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years

Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years

Celebrate 25 years of Harley Quinn in this brand new hardcover collecting the infamous Suicide Squad outlaw’s most memorable stories!

Since her debut in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn has wreaked havoc throughout the DC Universe with her zany, twisted ways. From her time as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the Joker’s psychiatrist, to her transformation into the sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic, and always villainous Harley Quinn, celebrate twenty-five years with the most acclaimed writers and artists that have contributed to Harley’s raucous adventures!

Title:Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years
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  • Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Goodreads giveaways for an honest review.For lots of kids "Batman: the Animated Series" was their first real introduction to the DC universe. And the red and bl...

  • Harley Quinn is the quirky, offbeat female counterpart to Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker. She was originally the Joker's psychiatrist at the asylum but fell for him, beginning a strange odd romance....

  • Similar to the Catwoman anniversary book, this book is an homage to the bizarre character of Harley Quinn. Definitely worth reading for her history. Unlike Catwoman, Harley’s beginning sections were...

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! All kinds of stories throughout the ages. The one I have, the cover is different and it's 408 pages. But this is the one that shows up whenever I scan the barcode for some reason. a...


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