Look Again
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Look Again


When reporter Ellen Gleeson gets a 'Have You Seen This Child?' flyer in the mail, she almost throws it away. But something about it makes her look again, and her heart stops; the child in the photo is identical to her adopted son, Will.

Her every instinct tells her to deny the similarity between the boys, because she knows her adoption was lawful. But she's a journalist and won't be able to stop thinking about the photo until she figures out the truth. And she can't shake the question: if Will rightfully belongs to someone else, should she keep him or give him up?

She investigates, uncovering clues no one was meant to discover, and when she digs too deep, she risks losing her own life; and that of the son she loves.

Lisa Scottoline breaks new ground in Look Again, a thriller that's both heart-stopping and heart-breaking, and sure to have new fans and book clubs buzzing.

Title:Look Again
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:337 pages

    Look Again Reviews

  • Denise
    Jun 12, 2011

    Intrigued by the ethical premise but fell short in the unbelievable and predictable delivery. Title should be "Try Again". Legal and emotional thriller of an adoptive mom seeing an age progressed phot...

  • Becky
    Jan 01, 2014

    What a mess. This was my first Lisa Scottoline book, and it'll probably also be my last. This book was just... all over the place. I can't think of a single thing that I can say I actually liked about...

  • Carolyn  Storer
    Jul 28, 2009

    As a a fan of the thriller genre I was really looking forward to reading this book. I had never read anything by Lisa Scottoline before either so I was also intrigued and excited; I like discovering n...

  • Maicie
    Nov 07, 2009

    Damn. This book had so much potential. A mother receives a flyer in the mail with a picture of a missing child who looks just like the child she legally adopted a couple of years ago. What should she ...

  • Donna
    Jun 07, 2009

    This is the third Scottoline book I've read, having absolutely fallen in love with the first book I read by her, Killer Smile. Killer Smile was wonderful for its sense of place being set in Philadelpi...

  • Angela2932
    Apr 07, 2011

    Don't you just hate when you have so little respect for a book that it stirs up all kinds of vile, hostile, feelings in you and you develop a passion for trashing the book? And then you have to feel g...

  • Michael
    Jan 09, 2012

    This is the second book by Lisa Scottoline ive read and just like Lady Killer is a first class read. The story goes of Ellen Gleeson a reporter and mother to young adopted son, Will. One day she is lo...

  • ?? Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ??
    May 25, 2017

    Wow I couldn't imagine being in her shoes. I would be angry,confused and scared out of my wits that everything you have will change. Crazy....

  • Cheryl
    Mar 17, 2009

    Ellen Gleeson has just gotten home and retrieved the mail. She was getting read to put the mail down when something in the pile caught her attention. It was one of those white postcards that says “H...

  • Lisa
    Dec 21, 2010

    This book had such an intriguing and promising premise, and such a terrible and disappointing execution. Ellen, an adoptive mother, pauses when the photo in a missing child flier looks eerily like her...

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Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline is the New York Times bestselling author and Edgar award-winning author of 28 novels, including her latest, ONE PERFECT LIE, which releases in April 2017. Her previous emotional thriller, MOST WANTED, has been optioned for a TV series. Lisa also co-authors a bestselling series of humorous memoir with her daughter, Francesca Serritella, which is based on their weekly Philadelphia In