Killing Critics
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Killing Critics


“The new wave of art was first heralded by the graffiti artist who attacked the city walls—artist attacks architecture. Then it progressed to the vandal artist who scarred the art of others—artist attacks art. And now we see a further escalation in the performance-art murder of Dean Starr—artist attacks artist. This is the new wave—Art Terrorism.” So wrote Andrew Bliss, art critic, alcoholic, and serious, state of the art Bloomingdales’ shopper.

Bliss was not celebrated for his radical opinions, and no one suspected he might know something about a terrible crime committed twelve years earlier in one Avril Koozeman’s galleries. Inspector Louis Markowitz, who commanded the Special Crimes Section in New York, had worked on that original double homicide, and now his adopted daughter, Detective Sergeant Kathy Mallory, wants to reopen the old case—against the Department’s wishes. A number of people in high places are also very keen that their secrets remain buried with the dead.

Title:Killing Critics
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:400 pages

    Killing Critics Reviews

  • Linda Robinson
    Oct 02, 2012

    Better and better. We learn a little more about Mallory, The Early Years. And we are privy to the politicking of a big city police force in a way that doesn't make me more cynical than I already am. T...

  • Michael
    Jul 30, 2012

    It was a treat to walk in the shoes of young, beautiful, and dangerous NYPD Sergeant Mallory again. This time she is on the case of murders of art critics at the scene gallery openings. They seem to b...

  • Eugene Gorodinsky
    Jan 25, 2014

    Even better than the second installment in the series. In this one we, the readers, get to see a side of Mallory we were never shown before. While the first book showed a calculating mind and a person...

  • Harry Lane
    Jan 31, 2016

    O'Connell has created one of the most fascinating principals in the detective genre. Mallory is a waif whose early, homeless years made her effectively a sociopath. But she was taken in and given a ve...

  • Penny Ramirez
    Jul 07, 2011

    This was very good. #3 in the series, and I have lots of catching up to do (#10 is coming out this year). Lots of gore, and lots of broken people. I enjoyed the multiple points of view - too much of w...

  • Georgiann Hennelly
    Jul 09, 2009

    Dean Starr a performance artist. Makes a name for himself. When he,s stabbed at a gallery during one of his more memorable pieces. Then audience liked it-until they realized how authentic Starr,s art ...

  • Patti Ashley
    Oct 10, 2015

    A different takeMissed the interactions between Mallory's babysitters. Everyone is on edge. A few gems reveal scenes from Mallory's childhood. We begin to see her true code....

  • Annie
    Jan 31, 2017

    A most excellent 5 star read! oh, she better be back!...

  • Tracey
    Nov 02, 2011

    I'm not sure I'm happy about living in a world where a man lying bleeding to death on the floor of an art gallery can be mistaken for art. I don't think it's so very far-fetched, either. Interesting c...

  • Joyce Lagow
    Apr 20, 2010

    3rd in the Mallory series.[return][return]The first Mallory novel I read, Dead Famous, is the 7th in the series. I liked that book overall, thinking that the plotting and writing was very good. What b...