Life of Pi
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Life of Pi


Life of Pi is a fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel published in 2001. The protagonist, Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel, a Tamil boy from Pondicherry, explores issues of spirituality and practicality from an early age. He survives 227 days after a ship...

Title:Life of Pi
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:460 pages

    Life of Pi Reviews

  • Eva
    Nov 17, 2007

    It is not so much that The Life of Pi, is particularly moving (although it is). It isn’t even so much that it is written with language that is both delicate and sturdy all at once (which it is, as w...

  • Jason
    Nov 14, 2010


  • Trevor
    Mar 02, 2008

    I found a lot of this book incredibly tedious. I tend to avoid the winners of the Man / Booker – they make me a little depressed. The only Carey I haven’t liked won the Booker (Oscar and Lucinda),...

  • Mary
    Jan 15, 2008

    It's not that it was bad, it's just that I wish the tiger had eaten him so the story wouldn't exist.I read half of it, and felt really impatient the whole time, skipping whole pages, and then I realiz...

  • Kirstine
    May 17, 2011

    I was extremely surprised by this book. Let me tell you why (it's a funny story): On the Danish cover it says "Pi's Liv" (Pi's Life), but I hadn't noticed the apostrophe, so I thought it said "Pis Liv...

  • Malbadeen
    Jul 28, 2007

    Sift a pinch of psychology with a scant tablespoon of theology, add one part Island of the Blue Dolphin with two parts philosophy, mix with a pastry blender or the back of a fork until crumbly but n...

  • Jesse
    Jul 14, 2008

    Life of Pi was a fairly engaging story in terms of plot and character, but what made it such a memorable book, for me at least, was its thematic concerns. Is it a "story that will make you believe in ...

  • Annalisa
    Oct 13, 2007

    I read this book two years ago, but when we discussed it this month for book club, I remembered how much I liked it. A good discussion always ups my appreciation of a novel as does an ending that make...

  • Adrian Rush
    Jun 06, 2008

    No need to reinvent the wheel. Here's my review:It doesn't matter whether what you tell people is truth or fiction, because there's no such thing as truth, no real difference between fantas...

  • s.penkevich
    Aug 20, 2012

    ’ Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness.’We have all heard the phrase ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ While this is a good life lesson, especially when taken as a...

About Yann Martel

Yann Martel

Yann Martel is the author of Life of Pi, the #1 international bestseller and winner of the 2002 Man Booker (among many other prizes). He is also the award-winning author of The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios (winner of the Journey Prize), Self, Beatrice & Virgil, and 101 Letters to a Prime Minister. Born in Spain in 1963, Martel studied philosophy at Trent University, worked at odd jobs