Three Dead Men
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Three Dead Men


When college student Maiko Hayashi goes to pick her uncle up for Christmas Eve dinner, she isn’t expecting a silent house with no lights on, and she definitely isn’t expecting the terrifying scenario she's about to walk into....

Title:Three Dead Men
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:16 pages

    Three Dead Men Reviews

  • Dianne
    Dec 29, 2016

    Her uncle’s normally bright and welcoming house was dark, silent and her uncle was nowhere to be found. Maiko soon discovered the reason even as her uncle begged her to run, fast and far from behind...

  • S.J. Budd
    Jan 03, 2017

    In this latest instalment of Calvin Demmer's Dark Celebrations series, a young woman, Maiko Hayashi is left puzzled by the sudden disappearance of her beloved uncle, a highly respected professor who's...

  • The Grim Reader (
    Jan 20, 2017

    'Three Dead Men’ didn’t quite have the same punch as ‘Happy Dark Year’. Once again the cover art is very cool and perfectly reflects what the story is about. The story follows Maiko, as she go...

  • Sheilah
    Jan 30, 2017

    Recently, another set of short stories by Demmer graced my desk. What I find most interesting about Demmer is the variation in his little stories. Each time I receive a new one, I find they become mor...

  • thebookiemonsters
    Jan 07, 2017

    This short story is ultimately full of suspense, and I would probably say that this was more of a thriller than a horror. The other stories have a much more darker element to them but that isn't to sa...

  • Sunshine Somerville
    Feb 05, 2017

    Good mix of cultures and monsters. I've learned by now that this author takes these quick stories in directions I wouldn't expect, and the ending to this one was different from his usual. ...

  • Fifi
    Feb 01, 2017

    2 stars not because it was badly written, but because it was entirely not what I was expecting. I thought that this was horror? This wasn't even remotely horror. It read more like a middle grade actio...