Loud Poems For a Very Obliging Audience

Loud Poems For a Very Obliging Audience

This book is a compilation of some of Ng Yi-Sheng's best spoken word pieces — songs, diatribes and phantasmagorias — created for assorted poetry slams, readings and theatrical events between the years 1999 and 2016. Dealing with issues of politics, history, cultural identity and queer sexuality, these works show the writer at his most fearless, opinionated and dramatic — a complement to the subtler but similarly imaginative poems of his first collection of poetry, last boy.

Title:Loud Poems For a Very Obliging Audience
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  • I know Yi-Sheng had reservations about putting these on the page, but really they stand on their own really well even without the performance element. Frequently uproariously funny, challenging, wildl...

  • Yi-sheng's stage pieces shine brightly on the pages in this book, often bringing alive Singaporean humour in lines that crave to be shouted aloud! Highly entertaining read!...

  • One of my favourite verses:"I am a featherweight boy aloftSet in napalmed wax with an arm blown off,Falling fast,Tell me if it's sunny on the island where I land."Images from the launch of Loud Poems ...


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