The CEO's Seduction
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The CEO's Seduction


The last thing Brett Ross wants is to be back in the same old damn small town he grew up in, but his best friend is getting married, so there’s no way he’s skipping yet another visit back home. He knows what he’s getting into, coming back here, but the one thing he didn’t count on was the way Anna Hamilton made him feel the first time he sets eyes on her…and she’s all grown up.

Anna’s always been in love with Brett, even if she’s always been his best friend’s annoying little sister to him. But when he looks at her, she doesn’t see annoyance in his eyes anymore. If anything, she sees a silent calling for her to save him from himself…and she’s just the girl to do it. All she needs is to find a way to escape her pesky, protective older brothers…

And then the game is on.

Title:The CEO's Seduction
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:183 pages

    The CEO's Seduction Reviews

  • Snow
    Dec 13, 2016

    3.5 "off limits love" starsThis story was sweet and predictably romantic.Brett was now a CEO of his father's company, rich and good looking, far from his young adult years when he was scrawny kid hang...

  • Irene
    Dec 18, 2016

    3 starsThe CEO's Seduction was a good read.I enjoyed watching the relationship unfold between Anna and Brett, they had a strong connection and their chemistry was amazing.Why then only 3 stars? Anna's...

  • Alison
    Jan 01, 2017

    Three stars.Brett Ross left his small town years ago and never looked back. After his parents died he was taken in by an aunt and uncle who totally neglected him, interested only in his inheritance. B...

  • Angel Hatfield
    Dec 18, 2016

    After his parent’s died Brett’ s aunt and uncle became his guardians Brett's aunt and uncle did not love Brett more like hated him but they loved the money they got for him. They did not buy Brett...

  • Elizabeth Neal
    Dec 14, 2016

    **3.5 Stars**Brett is home, albeit reluctantly, but there's no way he'd miss his best friend, Christopher's, wedding. The first person he sees though isn't the groom, it's his little sister, Anna, and...

  • Lucia
    Nov 21, 2016

    Older brother’s best friend / best friend’s younger sister romance between two childhood friends with four overprotective brothersThe CEO’s Seduction by Diane Alberts is a best friends younger s...

  • Emma
    Dec 18, 2016

    Brett has some very deep emotional scars, although he is now a rich, successful CEO he still views himself as the neglected orphan he was as a teen. In an attempt to put his past behind him he hasn't ...

  • Valeen Robertson
    Dec 13, 2016

    I enjoyed The CEO's Seduction even though the title is a little misleading. Brett is the CEO of his deceased parents' company, is successful, wealthy and good looking. But, he's empty inside (or so he...

  • Ayekah
    Nov 10, 2016

    I'm a little at a loss here. This book started off great. We meet Brett returning to his hometown, the one he ran from as soon as he could. He lives in Atlanta now and a very successful businessman. C...

  • Jessica
    Dec 15, 2016

    The CEO's Seduction by Diane Albright was a fast paced and fun friends to lovers romance which I would absolutely recommend checking The CEO's Seduction out.Brett and Anna have been buddies since thei...

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