Throwing My Life Away
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Throwing My Life Away


7 photographs, 2 weeks, an entire life to get back. No problem, right?

After her stepfather accidentally throws away her high school mementos, sentimental Mariska is pretty sure the world is over. That is, until she comes up with a plan. She's going to recreate her past, with a little help from her friends.

It's not easy to rally everyone into helping, especially Caine, who couldn't be less sentimental about anything if he were a park bench. But from a guerilla kite festival to convincing her ex-boyfriend to recreate her lost prom picture, Mariska is willing to do what it takes.

With a little nudging from Caine, Mariska starts to realize she can't actually get her past back. And maybe that's okay. Because while she's so focused on the past, she's missing out on the present, where her friends are busy having the summer of their lives. And where funny, quiet Caine might just be the future she never knew she wanted.

Title:Throwing My Life Away
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook

    Throwing My Life Away Reviews

  • Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide)
    Jan 13, 2017

    Initial Impressions 12/6/16: Probably a solid four stars! I've read everything Liz Czukas has written and loved them all! THROWING MY LIFE AWAY was one of the most realistic contemporary stories that ...

  • Stacee
    Dec 02, 2016

    I have loved all of Liz's books and she writes some of the best banter, so I was ridiculously excited to get the chance to read this early.I liked Mariska. She's a little crazy with the memories and t...

  • Hazel (Stay Bookish)
    Jan 03, 2017

    THIS BOOK IS SO PRECIOUS. But more importantly, it’s such a “me” book and I absolutely loved every bit of it.I’m convinced Mariska is the fictional version of myself- she’s a fan of 35mm fil...

  • AvalinahsBooks | Evelina
    Jan 05, 2017

    So it's time for me to own up to the fact that I like fun books. Girly books. Highschool nostalgia books. CHICK BOOKS.Cause I've been waaaaay too intellectual to read any fun stuff. It was all a no-no...

  • Alice Reeds
    Jan 13, 2017

    Find my review (also) on my blog.* Thank you to Liz Czukas for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest review * If I had to review this book using a single word I would choose "fun". This ...

  • Kelly
    Dec 15, 2016

    Do you remember all the conflicting emotions you experienced right before you went away to college? That gray area between being a child and adult? Knowing you've grown in high school but also knowing...

  • Melanie
    Dec 24, 2016

    Throwing My Life Away is a glimpse into days past and a reminder to live in the present. Liz Czukas captures the essence of high school and the nostalgia of childhood in a tale that could have been my...

  • Betsy Norman
    Dec 20, 2016

    What a fun read! I especially enjoyed the attempts at re-creating some of the lost pics, and how they became new memories for Mariska and crew. Super imaginative - my favorites were the ninja scene (n...

  • Danielle (Love at First Page)
    Dec 22, 2016

    3-3.5 starsLiz Czukas is the queen of cute and fluffy! Plus, the nostalgia is strong with this one. It brought back so many of my own high school memories. Although Mariska was a little dramatic for m...

  • Karen Jagmin
    Nov 08, 2016

    Liz Czukas has done it again! She has created a story filled with characters you wish were your own real life friends. What an enjoyable read from start to finish....

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