Lost Girl
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Lost Girl


Wendy doesn't remember anything about Neverland—or the experiments done on her there as a child. Seven years later, all she wants is a normal life, but shape-shifting shadows plague her dreams and turn her life into a waking nightmare. When the shadows attack at a football game and a boy disappears right in front of her, she realizes these wraith-like shadows are real. They’re not just haunting—they’re hunting.

A mysterious boy named Peter, his foul-mouthed sidekick, and a band of misfit boys intervene before Wendy faces a similar fate. But can they trust Wendy enough to take her to Neverwood Academy and reveal all of their hidden secrets when she's hiding a secret of her own, or will the dreaded Red Skulls find her and drag her back to Neverland?

Title:Lost Girl
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:320 pages

    Lost Girl Reviews

  • Haadiya  Ahmed
    Feb 05, 2017

    Update for the second book which I'll remove from this review once its out Fuck, I just found out CHANDA HAHN PLANS TO RELEASE LOST BOY BEFORE JUNE 22ND AND THE COVER REVEAL COULD BE ANY DAY NOW AND ...

  • T.L. Fullerton
    Dec 25, 2016

    I loved it. Chanda Hahn has never failed to weave a great tale. Looking forward to book 2...

  • Kathy Osborn
    Oct 19, 2016

    The beautiful cover and the synopsis drew me to this book. I was so excited to get an ARC from Chanda Hahn and the opportunity to read this book. This is not your typical Neverland story with Peter Pa...

  • S.F. Benson
    Nov 09, 2016

    I’m a big fan of modern retellings of childhood favorites. When I found out Chanda Hahn had written a new version of Peter Pan, I jumped at the chance to read it. I must say I wasn’t disappointed....

  • E.J. Bennett
    Mar 30, 2017

    Retelling of Peter PanLoved this retelling of Peter Pan. Wendy is an experiment that escaped from a lab. She has no memorise of her time being there. The formatting could have been better and in some ...

  • Susan
    Apr 25, 2017

    Decent storyline if a bit predictable and juvenile at times, several typos in the book and formatting errors which is kind of annoying....

  • Kristy
    Dec 02, 2016

    Two days. This has been out for two days and I already finished it. I haven't been this engrossed in a story since Harry Potter. Like, I feel lost now...like a lost girl. BA-DUM TISS. Okay, where do I...

  • Jessica
    Jun 14, 2017

    ‘Lost Girl’ is a well-written page-turner and brilliant re-imagining of the Peter Pan tale we all know and love. All the classic elements are present, each with a new spin. For the first seven cha...

  • Taylor Freeman
    Dec 13, 2016

    Neverland is no longer full of fun and mischief. Wendy is your average teenage girl. She’s co-captain of the cheerleading squad. She has a mother, father, and younger brother. Oh yeah and she sees t...

  • Heidi
    Jun 13, 2017

    I love fairy tale re-tellings, and though Peter Pan isn't exactly a classic fairy tale, I'm still going to put it in this category. I loved this; it was a fast-paced YA read that kept me so interested...

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