Cut To The Bone
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Cut To The Bone


For fans of THE FALL a slick, dark contemporary thriller, in the tradition of SARAH HILARY and ROBERT GALBRAITH that grips from the very first page...

One Missing Girl. Two Million Suspects.

Ruby is a vlogger, a rising star of YouTube and a heroine to millions of teenage girls.

And she's missing . . .

But she's an adult - nothing to worry about, surely?

Until the video's uploaded . . .

Ruby, in the dirt, pleading for her life.

Enter Detective Inspector Kate Riley; the Met's rising star and the head of a new team of investigators with the best resources money can buy. Among them, Detective Sergeant Zain Harris, the poster boy for multiracial policing. But can Kate wholly trust him - and more importantly, can she trust herself around him?

As hysteria builds amongst the press and Ruby's millions of fans, Kate and her team are under pressure to get results, and fast, but as they soon discover, the world of YouTube vloggers and social media is much darker than anyone could have imagined.

And the videos keep coming . .

Title:Cut To The Bone
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:320 pages

    Cut To The Bone Reviews

  • Paromjit
    Oct 21, 2016

    I am replacing a review that strangely has gone missing and been deleted on Goodreads. This is a compelling and complex crime thriller which grabs your attention and never lets go. It shines a light o...

  • Melissa ? Dog Lover ? Martin
    Jun 28, 2016

    I loved the blurb on this book and really wanted to read it. But it wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be but, it was still an okay book. Don't let that keep you from reading it though beca...

  • Christine
    May 25, 2016

    Sometimes I hear about a book, with everyone singing its praises and I want to know MORE… This is one of those times. I found ‘Cut to the Bone’ by accident, and was very intrigued. Obviously I a...

  • Emma
    Jul 22, 2016

    An interesting and mostly well written debut, if in the final evaluation it lacked atmosphere. There was a good mix of characters- I enjoyed the variety of backgrounds from which the team was assemble...

  • Louise Wilson
    Sep 14, 2016

    Ruby is a rising star on YouTube and a heroine to many teenage girls. Now she is missing but as she is an adult hopefully there is nothing to worry about. Then a video has been uploaded of Ruby pleadi...

  • Monnie
    Feb 07, 2017

    If nothing else, the story here is timely: At the heart of it all is "vlogging" - video blogging - plus more technology tricks for ferreting deleted information out of computers and cell phones than I...

  • Jen Lucas
    Oct 02, 2016

    Ruby is a vlogger – a You Tube sensation with two million followers tuning in to watch her make-up tutorials and get her advice on the best and worst of the cosmetics and diet industry. Popular with...

  • Joanne Robertson
    Jul 05, 2016

    Not many books can keep me reading until the early hours of the morning but this debut novel grabbed me from page one and didn't let me go! I don't know what I expecting when I picked up this novel by...

  • Claire
    Jan 27, 2017

    Actual rating 4.5*I picked Cut To The Bone because the lady of good crime book taste Noelle Holten of the CrimeBookJunkie Book Blog raved about it just before Christmas. I knew it was on the pile to b...

  • Liz
    May 23, 2016

    A book about an Internet vlogger is an unknown world to an oldster like me. Kate sums it up perfectly “didn't understand this world, where young people posted videos online and it was an actual prof...

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For fans of THE FALL, a slick, dark, contemporary THRILLER in the tradition of SARAH HILARY and ROBERT GALBRAITH that grips from the very first page. What the reviews say:'Told in an uncompromising way...a different book which is really refreshing.'‘A very taut crime thriller…The story moves at a face pace, with lots of twists and turns. A dark edgy story for the current times of social media expl