Mindless murdering savages.

Are they zombies?
Are they still human?

Whatever the other survivors have become, they no longer speak; they only kill and live like animals. Parker and Marcus navigate through the ruins of America and battle through these lingering savages with no answers, searching for the last strain of humanity.

Civilization was just a flickering illusion. Turn out the lights long enough and you see what we really are.

Until one discovery changes everything.

The infant’s cry shatters their already destroyed world. For Parker, the babe invokes the ghosts of her dead husband and sons. For Iraq war veteran Marcus, the child embodies his hope and gives him innocence to protect. For both, they struggle to determine if faded notions like romance are just too expensive in this bleak, dying world.

My desire for him was like my desire to eat my gun every morning. It was not something I did; it was something I lived with.

In this grim portrait of post apocalyptic survival, the survivors of an apocalypse—from preppers and soldiers to passengers in life—face the horror of not knowing what happened to the world around them as they question whether humanity was ever human to begin with.

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