Hollow Mountain
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Hollow Mountain


'Very original, and brilliantly rendered … a rare and enviable talent' – William Boyd

The late-morning sun beats down on the Rock of Gibraltar as bored tourists photograph the Barbary Apes. A child’s scream pierces the silence as she sees a monkey cradling a macabre trophy. A man’s severed arm.

In the narrow streets of the Old Town below, lawyer Spike Sanguinetti’s friend and colleague is critically injured in a mysterious hit-and-run. Spike must drop everything and return home to Gibraltar, where he is drawn into a case defending a ruthless salvage company hunting for treasure in the Straits.

As Spike battles to save his business, he realises that his investigations have triggered a terrifying sequence of events, and that everything he holds dear is under threat.

Title:Hollow Mountain
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:240 pages

    Hollow Mountain Reviews

  • Leena
    Jan 01, 2016

    Okay. I was a bit confused because I didn't realize that this was part of a series until the end. But overall it was good and kept you on your toes. I only had a small complaint. The change in point o...

  • Raven
    Apr 06, 2014

    Having read and reviewed the two previous books, Shadow of the Rock and Sign of the Cross featuring charismatic and slick lawyer Spike Sanguinetti, I could not wait for the third instalment to appear....

  • Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    Apr 17, 2014

    (I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).I did find this book a little hard to get into at times. The scene at the beginning was qu...

  • Joseph Phillips
    Apr 29, 2014

    Okay before the review,I have two confessions to make...Confession one:I did not realise this was a trilogy book when I entered the give-away...I believed it to be either just a solitary book or numbe...

  • Rachael
    Apr 17, 2014

    I really enjoyed Hollow Mountain! I was hooked from the very first page and couldn't put it down. It's incredible well written and I loved the little paragraphs in italics at the end of some chapters....

  • Catherine
    Apr 18, 2014

    Hollow MountainI was lucky enough to receive this book from goodreads.com first reads.It is an entertaining fast action thriller set in Gibraltar.Although I know nothing of salvage operations concerni...

  • Jessica Howard
    Jun 22, 2014

    A decent mystery with a fascinating setting. Spike Sanguinetti, a lawyer in Gibraltar, is still pursuing his missing girlfriend, Zahra, while simultaneously undertaking a double caseload. His partner ...

  • Scott
    Apr 18, 2014

    *Received as Goodreads First Reads giveaway* A very enjoyable mystery-thriller, with an interesting setting and plot which had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing right to the end! The prologu...

  • Cat Heywood
    Apr 11, 2014

    I won this on the Goodreads Giveaway and i didn't enjoy reading this, I only got to page 80 before i gave up, It didn't get me hooked from the first chapter so i thought it might get better but no.Oth...

  • Gillian Ashton
    Apr 09, 2014

    I always like reading a book that's set in a place ive visited. The opening is great with the ape and the body parts and the plot continues to keep hold of the reader throughout. I hadn't actually rea...