Carnival of Shadows
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Carnival of Shadows


Kansas, 1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small town of Seneca Falls, intriguing the townsfolk with acts of inexplicable magic and illusion. But when a man's body is discovered beneath the carousel, with no clue as to his identity, FBI Special Agent Michael Travis is sent to investigate.
Led by the elusive Edgar Doyle, the carnival folk range from the enigmatic to the bizarre, but none of them will give Travis a straight answer to his questions. With each new turn of the investigation, Doyle and his companions challenge Travis's once unshakeable faith in solid facts and hard evidence.

As the consequences of what has happened become ever more disturbing, Travis struggles to open his mind to a truth that defies comprehension. Will he be able to convince himself that things are not what they seem? Or will he finally reconcile himself to a new reality - one that threatens to undermine everything in which he has ever placed his trust?

In his powerful, atmospheric new thriller, bestselling author R.J. Ellory introduces the weird and wonderful world of the Carnival Diablo and reveals the dark secrets that lurk at its heart.

Title:Carnival of Shadows
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:352 pages

    Carnival of Shadows Reviews

  • Andrew Smith
    Oct 08, 2014

    I love RJE's work - so inventive, so diverse - but this one didn't quite do it for me. It started well enough and for the first half I was drawn into the mystery and magic of the young FBI agent with ...

  • Steve
    Jul 25, 2016

    DNF at 16%, no rating given.It's been eight days since I picked up this book, and I have no desire to pick it up again. I'm not sure why this was so, the premise was very promising, but the story just...

  • John Herbert
    Jun 22, 2014

    What more can be said about R J Ellory?His books engage your mind and soul from page 1 and hold you in a vice like grip right up to the last page.And when you've finished?....the story floats devilish...

  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    Apr 20, 2014

    A huge thank you to the publishers for my pre-release copy of this book given to me via First Reads.This novel is an outstanding piece of fiction, it literally took my breath away as I was sucked into...

  • Gwen
    Aug 03, 2016

    On the surface, it appears that this book is about the FBI investigating the murder of a man found underneath a carousel at a carnival that has arrived in Seneca Falls, Kansas in 1959. That is certain...

  • Gail
    May 22, 2014

    I absolutely loved this book. It's much different to RJE's other books and I liked the magical element incorporated within the story. I loved the carnival characters, particularly the brilliant Edgar ...

  • Mieke Schepens
    Jul 07, 2015

    Roger Jon Ellory heeft zich hier overtroffen. Alle pagina's werden door mij verslonden door de speciale manier van het binden van de lezer aan het verhaal. Op een heel rustige manier trekt deze auteur...

  • Michael Davies
    Jun 09, 2014

    I've really enjoyed the previous books I've read by R J Ellory and the first half of this book was equally good. However, once it became clear that this was a conspiracy theory story writ large it los...

  • Patrice Van Trigt
    Aug 17, 2015

    Special agent Michael Travis wordt op opdracht gestuurd nadat hij geschikt is bevonden middels een psychologisch onderzoek van de FBI. Michael heeft nogal wat meegemaakt in zijn jonge jaren en behalv...

  • Joop Liefaard
    Jul 07, 2015

    Kansas 1959. Senior Special Agent Michael Travis van de FBI wordt naar het plaatsje Seneca Falls gestuurd waar onder het carrousel van Circus Diablo het lijk van een onbekende man is aangetroffen. Pla...

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R.J. Ellory

Roger began his first novel on November 4th, 1987 and did not stop, except for three days when he was going through a divorce from his first wife, until July of 1993. During this time he completed twenty-two novels, most of them in longhand, and accumulated several hundred polite and complimentary rejection letters from many different and varied publishers. He stopped writing out of sheer frustrat